John E. Ellis
323 South High St
Jackson, Missouri 63755

Carol Winnell, Owner
1949 N. Diamond Street
Orange, CA 92867-2921

Good Morning;

In order to get me to do this work, i was promised by Mr. Dearden that both Ken and
I would be paid the same rate as when working for Renaissance.

I hope that I haven't been lied to and in turn causing me to lie to Ken.

When Mr. Dearden picked up N999RA, I was paid $ 500.00 for 76 hours and Ken was
paid $ 750.00 for 77.5 hours repair labor. Mr. Dearden promised to send additional
payments to each of us to complete payment in full.

In order that I could track this billing, I billed from the computer program I
normally use for service work billing.

A check in the amount of $ 1020.00, will satisfy my claim, and check for Ken Grothman
in the amount of $ 412.50 will end his claim. You can send checks to above address,
I will get Ken's check to him.

It is time for this to be resolved.

I was told that Carol Winnell is the owner, but the registered owner is:

Geo Aigd East LLC
3511 Silverside Rd STE 105
Wilmington, Delaware

I was advised by the FAA in Oklahoma City that a lien can be filed on the aircraft,
using forms supplied by them. They are also interested in who does own the aircraft.

Should you feel a need to contact me, you can use either of these:

573 450 1676

Your prompt attention is requested.

John E. Ellis