John Dearden (sitting in his home built experimental Luscombe- N999RA), is the cunning mastermind behind Renaissance Aircraft LLC, the alleged holding company for both LuscombeSilvaire Aircraft and Team Luscombe. If you see his smile this close- you should exit the area quickly- you are being sized up as a potential mark.

John has pirated more than a million dollars from unsuspecting investors in Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania; Each of whom who bought worthless (unregistered securities) shares in his venture(s).

John Dearden has also defrauded the State of Missouri out of nearly a million dollars ($1,000,000.00), in employee and business development funds, where he also failed to pay employees in Cape Girardeau Missouri about $100,000.00 (Now under litigation).

John Dearden has promised to pay these debts –along with more than $2,000,000.00 in personal litigation expenses owed to his attorneys from judgments against bankrupt entities that will never generate a dime for the ‘repayment’.

More recently John has committed to build a new hangar facility at Flabob airport for the production of ‘new’ aircraft. Having built two or three experimental Luscombe aircraft from old stock parts in the last 14 years, John has now generated more than $200,000.00 in ‘honest’ revenue at a cost of more than $4,000,000.00 in expenses. Dearden’s own financial projections, show that the sales of more than 300 aircraft annually would be necessary to service the debt and actually develop a true aircraft production facility. With the robust economy now available in 2009, John and his companies are a sure bet for success in the LSA marketplace- if he can deliver airplanes to the customer for less than $60,000.00 per unit.

John Dearden is a naieve business man and dreamer.

John is a smooth salesman who can sell ice to Eskimos during a snowstorm.

John routinely lies by omission, and rarely answers a direct question with a direct answer.

John will take your money and use it to buy clothes and more self promotion to line up the next mark. The smart person avoids contact with him or his fellow sales closers who will promise whatever you want, to get your cash and checks to support this lifestyle.

We do not know if he is related to Bernie Madoff, but he is shunned by his siblings who decry his lack of integrity in past business dealings.

Extreme Caution is advised.