Joe and John Drexler brought their Luscombe model 11 sedan to Team Luscombe for a restoration on a trailer.  N1606B  had been a total loss in an accident.

Team Luscombe took more than 4 years to repair the damage.  The airplane was returned to service at more than three times the original cost estimated.

After the airplane (with an overhauled engine), was delivered in 2006 to the Glendale AZ airport; the engine lost oil pressure and required another overhaul.  Control problems were also reported by a local flight instructor. The airplane was out of service for nearly a year.  

When the freshly overhauled engine was reinstalled, the maintenance shop began  an inspection required by part 43 (annual inspection).   It was discovered that the trim was rigged improperly (reversed).   This mis-rigging was ?"repaired"? by installing a revised/reversed trim placard that had the  "up" and "down",  command labels inverted.   The airplane  had flown less than 10 hours since a major restoration by Team Luscombe.