Fred Acevedo is a professional engineer and quality assurance manager.   He was asked by John Dearden to testify in a 2001 arbitration that ten (10), Renaissance airplanes were then under construction, when in fact there were none being built.  Mr. Acevedo described the construction and quality assurance methods used by Renaissance and John Dearden as unsafe, and not FAA approved.   Mr. Acevedo also affirmed that Mr. Combs' concerns about Renaissance's construction methods were not only accurate, and reasonably asserted, but that Combs had  significantly underestimated  the lack of safety concerns and the poor / improper methods employed by John Dearden and Renaissance Aircraft.

Mr. Acevedo's later testimony recounts the many falsehoods by which John Dearden and Renaissance Aircraft obtained a judgment against the Luscombe Foundation and Mr. Combs,  forcing both parties into bankruptcy. 

Mr.  Acevedo's recantation of his previously false arbitration testimony came too late to reverse the damage done to the Foundation and Combs,  but Mr. Acevedo's numerous testimonial  references under oath about those falsehoods, and about the intentional mis-represenations of Renaissance by Mr. Dearden, to his customers, his employees, and to others, makes it apparent that the company was intently focused on creating a false image of the Luscombe airplane production, and the Renaissance Aircraft company itself.   One must read the testimony for a full understanding.