Since 1997, aviation enthusiasts have been promised that John Dearden/, Renaissance Aircraft LLC/, and Renaissance subsidiaries, Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft LLC/, and Team Luscombe LLC, would deliver a low cost all metal airplane to the aviation marketplace.

Those of us observing these marketing gyrations for more than a decade in Maryland, Georgia, Missouri, California & Arizona have held out hope and faith over reasonable sense, that somehow Mr. Dearden and the Renaissance companies might actually deliver something which they promised.  

 Sadly, after more than six years of personal involvement   with Mr. Dearden, and after discussions with the Renaissance attorneys, I came to the personal conclusion and opinion that  the Renaissance / Luscombe-Silvaire 'business operation'  is operated as a shell game, by persons with little integrity, and  even less ability to deliver on promises made to customers, investors, partners, vendors, and even bystanders.  My opinion is that Mr. Dearden, Renaissance and the Renaissance affiliates are a fraudulent enterprise.