Hello Luscombe drivers,

What follows here is my opinion and experience- now shared.

My name is John Ellis, I worked for Renaissance Aircraft, LLC in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 2001-2004. I am a retired a & p mechanic, a master machinist, and I have been flying almost 50 years with a commercial license, having 8000 hours plus.

I have lurked on your list for several years, and enjoyed the bantering between group members. I have read with interest the comments over the years regarding John Dearden and his various aviation enterprises. Most of you understand little about the true nature of this man (John Dearden), which I have seen while working for him. Trust is an item he exploits, and he will take ANYTHING you offer or contribute to him or his enterprise(s) without remorse or even a thank-you.

When Renaissance left Cape Girardeau MO in 2004, employees were owed wages amounting to an estimated $ 175,000.00. Additionally the state of Missouri loaned/gave Mr. Dearden a reported $ 750,000.00+, in business development and job creation funds that were then used to hire FOREIGN workers, and to pay attorneys suing the Luscombe Foundation non-profit to get its assets. By 2004, many local vendors were trying to collect money owed them for goods and services, and a lot of them had filed suit against Renaissance and Dearden for non-payment of his debts- most of which remain outstanding.

Also, the city built a building for Dearden and his company at a cost in excess of $ 2.2 million, using bond money for which Dearden and Renaissance Aircraft were liable under the terms of the agreement- but never paid.

The other employees and myself were told almost daily that in order to win a litigation case against the Luscombe Foundation, and to insure our jobs and company future, the “aircraft plant”had to be in production. The few of us who could afford it, stayed and kept the plant open and working- without pay checks. We were promised by John Dearden, Linda Dearden (his wife at that time), and the chief financial officer Curt Jeschke, that we would be paid in full as soon as the case against The Luscombe Foundation was resolved. Later, John Dearden learned that the Luscombe Foundation had no ‘pot of gold’, and no money from which to collect and pay his debts. Dearden then promised to pay us when he finished suing the board and directors of the non-profit Luscombe Foundation, and Doug Combs.

To further his litigation pursuits, John Dearden then set out to blame Doug Combs personally.

Ultimately no money was forthcoming to Renaissance Aircraft from any of those litigation sources pursued by Mr. Dearden That cost the company thousands in investor funds and state financing that were diverted from production to litigation. NO money was available from the litigation because the Luscombe Foundation effort was not financially motivated, and neither it, nor the board, or Combs, ever had any money for John Dearden to obtain.


My claim for wages owed, and for work done on Mr Dearden’s plane (N999RA), after I quit the company totaled about $ 40,000. I Sued for that claim in Missouri. The court action has finally been completed. I was awarded a judgment against Renaissance Aircraft, LLC, but Mr. Dearden was personally able to leave the court room free of any judgment related to his promises and mis-representations to me and other employees.

I have now met others who have similar claims against Mr. Dearden and Renaissance aircraft, claims and bills due which remain unpaid. In my opinion, John Dearden lied to those people, just as I am sure he lied to the Luscombe Foundation, its board, and Doug Combs who believed that Dearden could do some good for the Luscombe community by updating old drawings, and bringing new Luscombe parts to market to support the Luscombe fleet.


John Dearden is the best confidence man (CON MAN) I have ever run across. When starting work in 2001, I believed that I was really lucky to work for this guy. I read some of the comments on this list, and in other places and disbelieved those allegations and cautions by persons who obviously knew John Dearden better than me.

I NOW KNOW AND FULLY UNDERSTAND why people warned about John Dearden’s proclivity for mis-statement, exaggeration, lies by omission, and other traits of a master Con Man. One should avoid this man and his enterprises at Renaissance Aircraft LLC, Team Luscombe LLC, and Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft LLC, (both of which he claims to own as subsidiaries of Renaissance Aircraft LLC). More information regarding Mr. Dearden can be found at http://www.luscombesilvaire.com furnished by David L. Sinclair. If you haven't already seen this site, you should look, It more or less confirms my opinions regarding Mr. Dearden.

Trusting that John Dearden will be honest with you is like thinking a mad 2000 pound bull charging you in a corral is not going to bother you because you are a vegetarian.

Should anyone want further details, or desire to contact me, I can be reached at johnee35@att.net, Or my cell phone number is 573 450 1676.

John Ellis,

One of the many judgment creditors seeking payment from John Dearden and Renaissance Aircraft LLC